DMXControl 3 simplifies the programming of a light show significantly.

The design motto of DMXControl 3 was: "Quick programming of the show - more time for party!"

This is acheved by these new concepts:

Think in properties instead of DMX values

A show sequence should be generated in the natural way of thinking:
Humans think in properties like colours, intensity or gobos, not in DMX values. DMXControl 3 supports you with a feature called "abstraction": No matter if a fixture has a color wheel or a direct color mixer (e.g. RGB-LEDs) you choose the color with the same command.

Devices can be combined in mixed groups

Equipment can be combined in heterogeneous groups,  therefore a movinghead can also be in a group with a RGB-PAR. Of course, a device can belong to several groups. Due to the abstraction concept, the way of show programming fundamentally changes. With DMXControl 3 assignments like "all left devices red" or "all movingheads standing on the ground, panning over to the front" become no-brainers.

Spectacular predefined effects

DMXControl 3 delivers many predefined effects. These sound very mathematical at first: "sine effect" or "sawtooth effect", but the results of these are breathtakingly because those effects can refer to all devices of a group. With presets you can implement self-designed function sets.

Rainbows for all properties

Everybody knows the rainbow as a distribution of the colors in a spectrum. DMXControl 3 has control of even the distribution of the values of any device property. This graet concept is called fanning. Working examples are rainbows over a number of RGB fixtures, light chaser over any device or different movingheads move in the same way. Everything is set up with only 3 clicks...

Split work provides more fun and safety

Several persons can work on DMXControl 3 project simultaneously. Distributed programming and execution of the show make the work much easier and safer.

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