Happy new year 2015

Created on Thursday, 01 January 2015

We hope that you have come well through the turn of the year and will enrich this new year with many new ideas.
Due to the beginning year and the release of DMXControl 3.0, we present you the new DDFCreator 3 today!!!

This gives you a simple possibility of making DDFs for DMXControl 3.
So now you can integrate your fixtures into DMXControl 3 shows like you could do with the DDFCreator 2.2 for DMXControl 2 before.

The DDF construction is getting even simpler and more intuitive now with this new tool.
If you need tips for working with the DDFCreator 3, you can read the corresponding Wiki article (here).

You find the DDFCreator 3 download here.

Your DMXControl team

It is accomplished

Created on Wednesday, 24 December 2014 Written by DMXControl

This year there is a quite special gift for you under the DMXControl Christmas tree.
After our elves have turned many wheels, invented several features and have invested a lot of time, we tied everything up to a harmonious package:
We proudly present the official DMXControl version 3.0! Now it's time to make the next DMXControl generation available for all.

The last couple of days and weeks we worked very hard on fixing bugs and on extending our web sites with new DMXControl 3 content. We hope that this hard work was worth it and you can realize all your projects much faster and easyer than with the DMXControl 2 series.

But we also want to use this notification, to announce the end of DMXControl 2 development. Stefan, our DMXControl 2 developer will integrate new functions until about the middle of 2015. After then, no new functions nor any changes to fix OS problems will be integrated, but serious bugs will be repaired. In future Stefan will also join the DMXControl 3 team.

We wish you a mery Christmas and a happy new year.

Your DMXControl-Team

DMXControl 2.12.2 release

Created on Sunday, 08 June 2014 Written by DMXControl

We proudly present DMXControl 2.12.2.

The version already accomplished the first tests at the 10th anniversary.

It's recommend to update because many bugs of the previous version are fixed.

A detailed list of changes can be found at DMXControl2 -> Releasenotes.

Have fun with the update

Your DMXControl team

DMXControl 2.12.1 release

Created on Sunday, 24 February 2013 Written by DMXControl

Today we officially released the first update for 2.12 DMXControl!

DMXC 2.12.1 eliminated among others an error in the scene list tool, the textbook and the CSV import.

Have fun with the update

Your DMXControl team

Merry christmas

Created on Monday, 24 December 2012 Written by DMXControl

Wart ihr auch alle brav und anständig das letzte Jahr? Dann gibt es .... ja was wohl: Geschenke, Geschenke, Geschenke!

Der öffentliche Beta-Test war ein voller Erfolg, weshalb sich Stefan nun dazu entschieden hat, euch die fertige Version von DMXControl 2.12 zu Weihnachten zu schenken.

Da haben sich die fleißigen Elfen im DMXControl-Team nicht lumpen lassen und haben den Webauftritt fein herausgeputzt!

Pünktlich zum Weihnachtsfest zeigt sich daher die DMXControl-Homepage in neuem Gewand. Hier findet ihr nun noch schneller Infos über DMXControl und immer die neueste Version von DMXC.

Neben der Homepage hat auch das DMXC-Wiki ein neues Kleid bekommen und ist wie gewohnt unter zu erreichen.
Hier erhaltet ihr immer den aktuellen Stand des ganz neuen Handbuches, Infos zu Plugins und könnt wie gewohnt eure Anwendeberichte verfassen.

In diesem Sinne wünschen wir euch eine frohe und geruhsame Weihnachtszeit,

Euer DMXControl Team

DMXControl-Fanshop opened

Created on Tuesday, 16 October 2012 Written by DMXControl

Nach langer Inkubationszeit haben wir endlich unseren DMXControl-Fanshop eröffnet.

Hier findet ihr einige hilfreiche Bauteile für die von uns unterstützten Selbstbau-Projekte, natürlich unser Buch und in Zukunft auch viel mehr Fan-Artikel als die bisher angebotene DMXControl-USB-Lampe.

Die Erträge kommen unserem Verein DMXControl-Projects zugute, d.h. mit dem Kauf spendet ihr uns auch den einen oder anderen Euro ;)

Euer DMXControl Team

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